Kāne: Kiawe & 'Iliahi Oil

Kāne: Kiawe & 'Iliahi Oil

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Special Kāne (Men's) blend of rich smokey Kiawe and the warm, woody 'Iliahi (Sandalwood).

Appropriate for both men and women!

Kiawe is a stoic tree of survival, found in places where many other fauna cannot endure.  It is because of his determination to thrive he is a symbol of resourcefulness and might.

Sandalwood has been traditionally used for centuries as a wood of meditation, meditative states, and memory recall

Allow this Oil to lend you the resources to thrive in all areas of your life! Kiawe is smokey and when infused with the warmer, softer 'iliahi, it becomes a potent afrodesiac guerenteed to garner you admiration!

  • Comes in 10ml glass vessel with metal roller

  • infused with organic Kukui nut oil

  • Promotes resourcefulness, determination, and attraction