Wild Fern Medicinal Tincture
Wild Fern Medicinal Tincture
Wild Fern Medicinal Tincture
Wild Fern Medicinal Tincture

Wild Fern Medicinal Tincture

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Fern Pollen has traditionally been used as a nervous system modulator by resolving overactive synapses and activating dormant cells which normally assist in cellular regeneration.

Of all species alive on this planet today, ferns have preserved their sacred DNA throughout the countless cataclysms that have impacted the evolution of life on Earth. Ferns are extent species that exist in evolutionary stasis, meaning they have remained unchanged, even at the level on nuclei and chromosome, for at least 180 million years.  Fossils of the oldest known preserved ferns, dating back to the Mesozoic era, show that the compound and structure of those ferns are precisely exact to the modern fern growing in your backyard. Each individual fern vibrates to a specific emotional principle; together acting as a codex of true emotional intelligence.  The ‘Ae ferns pollen holds the codes to Empathy; the Moa is the personification of Purification; and the Wawae’iole holds the resonance of Acceptance.   The matrix of the fern is a perfectly constructed architecture of archetypal resonance. 

According to ancient belief, human dis-ease is a result of one not understanding, participating, and assisting in the true meaning of our emotions.  Because the human being is in a state of constant defense, the true essence of our emotions are rejected, or are understood in the form of fear or obsession/attachments.  This directly affects our nervous system and electromagnetic field which places us in a perpetual state of stress.  Fern pollen assists in allowing our bio-chemical field/electromagnetic field to accept and acknowledge more freely the true meaning and essence of our emotions. By coming to understand and integrate what we feel, we are able to respond to life instead of react and be vulnerable with others which cultivates authenticity. This is a time to face the shadow and honor what has been pushed away. This is your time to proclaim your truth and live in sacred Aloha.

2oz glass vessel with glass dropper

A blend of 49 ferns from 12 genus, all endemic or indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands all whom correlate to human emotions, traits, and virtues.

  • Activates neurocircuitry or "turning your lights back on" by working with cross-communication in your brain resulting in vivid, telling, and explorative dreams.*

  • Pure DNA Spiral Recall: In addition to being a powerful antioxidant, Ancient Hawaiians designated ferns Ko la'au lapa'au, or "Divine Medicine of Transcendence." It is a medicine which incites cellular memory, conjuring the stored primordial recall in synapses, mental clarity, alertness, and stamina.*

  • Conception/Collapse Reunion: According to the Ancients, we are in the center of two points of creation: Conception and Collapse. Inciting cellular memory and comprehension of Principles will initiate the merging of these two points and cause a reunion, or our indivision with Source. *

  • Safe for all ages; all ferns incorporated are non-toxic to the human biology

  • Organic food-grade alcohol has been added and is used for extraction

*The FDA have not evaluated these statements.